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Currently working from Spike Design, Bristol after being awarded a one-year residency. This follows a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from The University of the West of England. Over the past year I have been awarded a Pass with Merit from the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) assessment scheme as well as receiving a commendation from D&AD New Blood for the publication 'Bridge Language'.


Youth Club

This project involved many visits to Ashton Vale Club for Young People. Our initial aim was to provide creative activities that would result in outcomes that reflected the experiences had at the centre. These could then be used in the future as an aid to avoid funding cuts and also to provide an insight into the important role the club has in the area. Throughout our visits we soon came to realize that the club was not in need of any intervention, the young people attending were happy with what they had.

The publication therefore documents ours and others experiences in the youth club environment and explores what positive effects it has on a young persons development.

Spec: 270mm - 200mm, 48pp Typeset: Grotesk, Albertus

Camera Project

As part of the project we got a range of young people at the centre to take part in Camera Club. By providing cameras and a list of targeted outcomes such as “someone you look up to” and “your favourite activity” we were able to let the young people visually show their feelings towards the Youth Club.